May 17, 2022

How to verify my account? Which documents are needed

Registering with Absolute Markets is a simple and fast process. Simply click “Sign in” (or HERE) and complete the registration process.

After you have opened an account with Absolute Markets, you are asked to complete personal details (date of birth, residential address details, etc.) as soon as possible. For that, you can click here, or go under your name and click on “Verification” > “Personal Profile”

Make sure to complete each part (State, trading experience, financial details, etc..) and press “Submit for verification”

In order to have your account fully verified you will also be required to upload your documents:

You can upload the documents through the Absolute Markets dashboard or send them via email at:

To avoid any account limitations including, but not limited to, trading, withdrawal of funds and account closure, all clients should be verified as soon as possible.

At any point, Absolute Markets may request additional identification documents in accordance with regulations or circumstances.

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